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No Excuses. No Limits. No Regrets

Adam Hergenrother is a magnetic life coach and multi-million dollar business entrepreneur capable of inspiring personal growth and professional expansion through the dynamic materials, talks and teachings of Mind Spark, Inc.


We want to help  you live a life without limits so that you can make lasting changes in your professional, personal, physical and spiritual life.  We’re talking about taking control – deliberately choosing the life you want – creating a plan and taking massive action to make these choices a reality.


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Gregg Patenaude Testimonial

I've had the pleasure of knowing Adam Hergenrother on both a personal and professional level for 15 years. I have witnessed Adam transform from a young man to a wildly successful entrepreneur and business [more]

Bob Corcoran Testimonial

It is rare in life to meet an individual that can take the complex and make it simple, take the impossible and make it possible or to find a person so absorbed in passion [more]

Jay Kinder Testimonial

Adam is a spark plug! He has the tremendous and rare talent of being an innovator and implementer. He has a unique ability to think outside the box and find simple ways to execute [more]

Michael Maher Testimonial

Adam Hergenrother is proof of what he teaches. By reprogramming his mind he overcame being over-weight and vaulted to stratospheric success in real estate – a supremely competitive industry. He rapidly became known within [more]

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